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Omani Treasures

Omani Treasures

Case Study Overview

With the emergence of online shopping in Oman, the client wanted to deploy an online store where they would be selling Omani Products. In this way, we forwarded them a start-up idea to consider so that they could fit into larger commercial environment of E-Commerce World. “Omani Treasures” name was decided for the business.

Mission and Vision

The need for authentic Omani goods has been growing in the e-commerce sector; this is where “Omani Treasures” enters the picture. Their primary goal was to develop an online marketplace where consumers from around the world may purchase Omani products and learn about their remarkable craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage. Therefore, we tried to make a graphical representation of their vision attempting to promote Omani creativity around the world.

Products and Services

Their main products to include in the catalogue are “Mandoos, “Silver Jewlery”, “Omani Basket”, “Kummah”, “Pottery”, “Frankincense”, and “Khanjar”.


Gathering Information from Locals

In the initial stage, we attempted to get the information of local artisans to collaborate with them, this distinguishes the “Just Start” action of their startup that would help lead to the underserved segment of Omani products.

Website Design and Development

For the design phase different Pinterest E-Commerce platforms were analyzed. Small patches of different websites were collected to understand the better ROI and CTA. Combining all the elements helped in forming a website that showed the traditional and Cultural Impact of Oman. The following screenshot of website shows how different colors helped in formulating the final design.

Omani Treasures - A Case Study - Website Picture

Errors and Debugging

In the beginning, few errors occurred due to the issues in plugins compatibility, CSS, and JavaScript unnecessary code blocks which were causing code bloats. However, later on debugging them, the issue was resolved.


In this case study, the tradition and cultural impact disclosing impact was attended with some basic E-Commerce functionalities. Nonetheless, this fulfills some of Custom WordPress Development case study. However, it does not show a complete overview of custom WordPress development as it was not a crucial impact in this business.

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