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Thread Crafty Arts

Thread Crafty Arts

Case Study Overview

This is started when Thread Crafty Arts wanted a website design that stands totally at a different perspective than general ecommerce websites. In this way, we provided them with a design that is not only feels like an app on computers but is also responsive on mobile devices.

Mission and Vision

The primary purpose of Thread Crafty Arts is to provide crafts that have been created using threads. Resultantly, an outcome of versatile arts showcases to the users. They are dealing only in Pakistan as of right now but soon they will expand as per our conversation to them.

Products and Services

Few of their products that are displayed on website includes Simple Plant, Shady Flower, and Horse Shadow. Each of these products are retains certain beauty aspects based on their cost.


Color Palette Selection

The first and foremost step we take for any custom theme development includes the color selection of the brands identity. Because we follow the global color approach to make things more minimalistic and brand representative instead of showing contrast of colors leading to drop in the relation brand entity with website.

Design Finalization

We started by viewing variety of designs on Pinterest. In this way, it helped us to make something our client wants and that suits their brand as well. The following screenshot shows the mobile view of the implemented work. However, if you want to experience it on Laptop/Desktop, open the link below (Only if you are using Laptop or Desktop right now).


Thread Crafty Arts - Case Study
Thread Crafty Arts – Case Study


This case study helped us in understand how Elementor Canvas templates work and how to make things interactive using JavaScript. Moreover, if you want to get feedback from Thread Crafty Arts regarding our work, visit their Contact page.

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